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Does the internet work?

A question that is simple enough. But one for which there is no answer. It’s open ended. One to which everyone has a different answer.

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“Once I attended a National Congress of Veterinary and Farriers and realised that change is possible but needs to start inside the farriers’ community.

The horse world urgently needs a big change especially in everything related to horse welfare. For that reason we cannot waste time with silly arguments about morality. We need more science, more education and more results and all this can be done if we start transforming part of our existing professional sector.

In Europe, farriers learn in public schools and it is an accessible job, like veterinarians. We must be able to reach these young people to ensure a better future for our horses and not lose more time in a stupid war between different companies certified in barefoot, as the vast majority have no more than a business vocation to help horses.

This change comes by being generous. A young farrier who is well prepared can get in contact with many of the experienced farriers to learn from them without any expense. I’ve enjoyed this generosity and have learnt with the best people.

It is merely a matter of having access to good training, even after the studies. Barefoot professionals often remain closed to any other trimming methods and this is very dangerous as it impoverishes the quality of their work and its results. We are professionals. We are part of the horse’s health and this has a great responsibility, to use all the resources and techniques to help and heal our patients.”

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“No one has time to waste”

And the question we should all be asking is what can we do to work smarter. This is a challenge we are addressing as an informal network of freelance service providers who recognise the value of pooling our respective skills. Please feel free to browse the lists we have put together on the site and if you would like any help or advice make use of our Ask Me service.

This is about you, me, what each of us is doing and what we should be doing better. What can we, as service providers working the net, do to make the internet a little more user friendly and at the same time, make it work for all of us?

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